Moose International is a fraternal service organisation. We endeavour to look after our own Members and give support to others less fortunate than ourselves. Moose is non-political & non-denominational, in that our Members represent all beliefs & faiths.


We are an open organisation with a desire to help others either within or outside of Moose. To this end our branches (referred to as Lodges) not only support our own internal charitable endeavours, they give support & raise many thousands of pounds for worthwhile local charities and other creditable organisations.


For many years we have adopted a National Charity to support for a period of either two or three years. In 2008 we moved away from this and each of our branches selected a local charity to support for a two year period. This was the start of our "Moose in the Community" programme where it is hoped that the work of Moose International would become better known within the local community.


Our aim is that we can become a more active organisation within our local communities and go some way to improving the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

Whilst we work hard for the benefit of others, we also have fun whilst we are doing it. Many of our fund raising activities are social events and families are welcome to attend.


Moose International has been carrying out its good works since it was first established here in Great Britain in 1926 and since that time we have raised millions of pounds in our quest to help others.


Do come along and have a chat with one of our members or come along to one of our social nights and see us in action.